Fire Tube 10 Ton Natural Gas Steam Boiler

August 24, 2021
Available industries: Chemical Industry
Project boiler medium:Steam
Capacity:10 tph

fire tube 10 tph gas steam boiler

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In the construction industry, concrete is a very important building material, its quality will directly affect the stability of the building. Temperature and humidity are two important factors in the process of making concrete. In order to improve the quality of concrete products, steam is needed for curing and processing. The chemical plant customer purchased a 10 ton natural gas steam boiler from ZOZEN to provide stable steam.

Fire tube WNS series steam boiler adopts large furnace design, larger combustion space, to ensure full combustion of fuel; with the high heat transfer element threaded smoke tube developed by ZOZEN, and it can effectively increase the radiation heating surface, thus improving the thermal efficiency of the boiler, saving the fuel cost for the enterprise and improving the production efficiency.

After gas boiler burner is ejected and atomized, the micro positive pressure combustion is carried out in the corrugated furnace. The high temperature flue gas turns forward from the first corrugated smoke tube bundle through the backburner along the furnace wall surface, and enters the second smoke tube bundle through the front smoke box at 180°. After convective heat transfer, it is discharged into the atmosphere through the chimney to the back smoke box. The feed water of the boiler is directly pumped into the drum from the deaeration tank. The boiler is equipped with imported burner, automatic program control, and high degree of automation, which can make the boiler achieve the best combustion effect.

WNS series 10 ton natural gas steam boiler can quickly and stably produce high temperature steam, for the concrete steaming process to create a suitable temperature and humidity environment, prompting concrete to set hardening, to meet the user design requirements of strength. As an energy-saving and environmental protection industrial boiler products, WNS series of boilers are widely used in the food industry, feed industry, textile industry and other successful cases, welcome customers with boiler needs at any time to consult online customers.

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